General information
  1. What payment methods do you accept? 
      Buying and paying for bouquets and flower arrangements is possible in the following ways:

    Cash payment - payment in the Flowershop Ilaria, payment via PayPal or Revolut, general payment slip, bank transfer payment and payment by taking over the goods upon delivery. Upon visible payment to the account of Flowershop Ilaria, we approach the realization of the ordered. In case the payment is not visible on the invoice, it is considered that the client has canceled the order.

  2. How can I contact you
    We reccomend using +385 99 5959 869 for contact on English. You can use whatsapp or telegram. You can contact us alsto at +385 (0) 98 513 235 call / sms / whatsapp.
      * You may send us an email at cvjecarnicailaria@gmail.com
  3.  When can I contact you?
      Feel free to contact us at any time of the day.
  4. Do you work on Sundays?
      * We do not work on Sundays except on special dates (eg Valentine's Day, All Saints' Day...), but you may contact us on Sunday also.
  5.  Where are you?
    Ramska street 2 (entry from Hercegovačka street) 21000, Split
Information related to the delivery of flower arrangements
  1. Is flower delivery free?
      *Delivery is included in the price for the area of ​​Split and its surroundings. 

  2. Where do you deliver the flowers?
    Cvijeće dostavljamo:
    🌹to a home address
    🌹to a business adress
    🌹to the hotel
    🌹to the hospital (it is important to emphasize the data of the ward, room number, etc. where the recipient is located.)
    🌹to the cemetery

  3. What time do you deliver flowers?
      *From Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00. A fee is charged for deliveries outside the specified time.
  4. Can flowers be delivered on Sundays?
  5. Can I write a message with flowers?
    Of course, write us the desired message and it will be delivered with a flower arrangement.
  6. Can I order a flower arrangement without it looking like in your pictures?
      *Of course, the flower arrangements you saw in our gallery were also made according to someone’s wishes, needs and possibilities. Contact us on +385 99 5959 869 or via e-mail cvjecarnicailaria@gmail.com 🥰
  7. Can I send flowers / gifts anonymously?
    We do not disclose customer information unless the person indicates otherwise.
  8. What if the recipient cannot receive the flower arrangement?
    If there is a problem with delivery, we proceed as follows:

    The sender will be contacted (he/she left the contact phone number) or the person who should receive the order (contact phone)

    The recipient does not exist at the indicated address (the address is existing but not the recipient) or the address does not exist;

    •The client / sender is contacted by phone and if:
    •The new address communicated by telephone is not within a distance of 2 kilometers - delivery is considered completed.
    •The new address communicated by phone is within a distance of 2 kilometers - delivery is in progress
    • The customer does not answer the calls (or is unavailable) within 10 minutes - the delivery is considered completed.

    • The recipient does not want to collect the flowers, the flowers are left at the door and the delivery is considered completed.


Ramska street 2 (entry from Hercegovačka street) 21000, Split


+385 98 513 235 (call/sms/whatsapp)


+385 99 5959 869 (for contact in English via whatsapp or telegram)



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